Our music designers are qualified to create the best music experience for your needs.

Our Music Designers review hundreds of new releases every day to continue honing the right music experience for our clients. Tempos, textures, styles, lyrics and attitude are all essential considerations.

Then we put it all together. While some music providers simply pull a random mix of songs and hit the shuffle button, Seeburg designs programs to play in a unique, but a deliberate way that maximizes a sense of variety and flow while minimizing repetition. It’s art + science and our Music Designers are expert at it.

Seeburg’s music sets a warm natural mood in stores, businesses, restaurants, where people work, and anywhere else you can think of. It is not distracting, it wears well, and it helps people feel bright, comfortable and happy to be there.

What determines your music?
  • Customer and employee demographics: age, gender, social standing, and their music taste.
  • Your business values.
  • The mood, attitude, and energy of your brand.
  • Current pop culture and media trends.
  • The decor and design of your business: flooring, wall colouring, wood, metal etc. Even your lighting: is it natural, bright, dim, or coloured? This all contributes to what music is best for your business.
  • Try not to think about your personal music taste, it’s more about what music best impacts and compliments the working environment you are trying to create.

We’ll make sure you deliver the Right Message to the Right Audience at the Right Time!