Our innovative audio solutions to put the power of music to work for you, keeping your customers engaged, energized and entertained while motivating your employees.

Elevate the mood and create the desired atmosphere for your business environment.

We’re experts in all aspects of commercial A/V engineering, equipment installation and cabling – any size, any scope. Over the years, we’ve undertaken thousands of A/V system installations & retro-fits for auto dealers, industrial shops, commercial warehouses, hotels, churches, schools, professional offices, clinics, recreational centres, restaurants, and retail outlets.

Smarter Music
for Restaurants

From fast-food to fine dining, ADTEL Business Music has the diversity you need to deliver the best possible guest experience.

Build Your Brand with
the Best Music for Retail

Our customized music playlists deliver memorable experiences that enhance your brand image and engage your shoppers.

Powerful Music for
Fitness Environments

Nothing gets people moving like great music. Motivate your customers & staff with interruption-free playlists from an extensive library of millions of music tracks.

Music for Every
Office Environment

ADTEL Business Music can help create the desired atmosphere for your office environment, brightening the mood, motivating employees & increasing productivity.

Music for Every
Space in Your Hotel

Whether you want an upscale sound or family-friendly tracks, we have the right background music for every hotel environment. With millions of songs and hundreds of playlists, we have the music that’s perfect for your guest experience.

The Best Music
Experience for Your Bar

From the opening shift to closing late at night, ADTEL Business Music has the right soundtrack to win over your patrons and staff.

The Perfect Music
for Salons & Spas

From hair and nail salons to barbershops and aesthetic studios, ADTEL Business Music provides the music that your employees and customers will love to listen to.

Music for Every
Space in Your Casino

From the gaming room floor to the bar and lobby, ADTEL Business Music provides the simple solution to manage the various spaces on your property.

The Perfect Music
for Your University

ADTEL Business Music to delivers the playlists that engages students & alumni campus-wide.

Music for Every Space in
Your Apartment Complex

From the lobby and hallways to the recreation room and pool, ADTEL Business Music provides customized music to enhance & add value to the tenant experience.

The Perfect Music
for Your Dealership

From the showroom floor to the service center, get your future customers excited with music that represents the image & style of your dealership.

Relaxing Music for
Your Medical Office

Medical Centers, Dentist Offices & Physical Therapy Clinics use ADTEL Business Music to provide a friendly & relaxing experience for their patients the moment they walk in.

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