Music is the soundtrack of your business – it is an important investment that defines your brand, sets the mood of your environment and enhances both employee productivity and the customer experience.

1. Enhance your Environment & Brand Image

2. Elevate Moods

3. Increased Productivity & Sales

Music is essential to creating the distinct identity you need for success in your business.

Custom music and messaging services are a key component of a unique brand solution. We offer a variety of custom music services that provide all the flexibility you need to create your in-store branded experience. Giving a voice to your brand extends your reach and helps you better connect with your customers – and your employees.

Our music services range in price and complexity from simple and elegant, to full custom programming. We put the power of music to work for you, elevating moods, keeping your customers engaged, energized and entertained while motivating and increasing the productivity of your employees.


  • Music sets the tone for the day, it helps put us in a frame of mind that can provide us with extra boosts of motivation and enthusiasm for our work.
  • The sound of keys being tapped, computers whirring, and co-workers talking on the phone are much more distracting than the consistent hum of background music.
  • Music Works surveyed 2000 people and found that staff feel upbeat and motivated to work when music is playing.
  • In the same study, 77% of staff said they are more productive when good music is being played. This increased to 83% of warehouse workers.
  • 75% of people surveyed admitted they’d be less likely to call in sick if there was music being played at work.

We have
High Standards

ADTEL prides itself on providing our clients with the absolute best quality audio & video productions possible. Our extensive music & video libraries and sound effects collection give our clients access to one of the largest and most comprehensive collections in the industry.

We are

Our staff includes a team of full-time creative writers, production engineers, customer service representatives, telecommunications/sound technicians, an IT specialist, as well as administrative and accounting support staff. Marketing representatives in each of our sales offices assist clients in determining the program best suited to their business.

We are

ADTEL has experienced exceptional growth since our beginning in 1982. ADTEL’s management and staff have over several hundred years of combined experience in radio, television, broadcast schools, telecommunications and graphic arts. Our expertise is unmatched. Our full in-house sound production studio services thousands of subscribers across Canada and the United States. We also have clients in England, Australia, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.


We have the

The ADTEL studios are outfitted with the latest digital recording equipment necessary to deliver broadcast quality AV productions in both digital and analog formats. Using the latest in recording and playback technology, we take great pride in our product and guarantee that you will be impressed by the results.

We’ll make sure you deliver the Right Message to the Right Audience at the Right Time!