What does your Business Sound like?

Music is essential to creating the distinct identity you need for success in your business.

Custom music and messaging services are a key component of a unique brand solution. We offer a variety of custom music services that provide all the flexibility you need to create your in-store branded experience. Giving a voice to your brand extends your reach and helps you better connect with your customers – and your employees.

Our music sets a warm natural mood in stores, businesses, restaurants, where people work, and anywhere else you can think of. It is not distracting, it wears well, and it helps people feel bright, comfortable and happy to be there.

What determines your music?

  • Customer and employee demographics: age, gender, social standing, and their music taste.
  • Your business values.
  • The mood, attitude, and energy of your brand.
  • Current pop culture and media trends.
  • The decor and design of your business: flooring, wall colouring, wood, metal etc. Even your lighting: is it natural, bright, dim, or coloured? This all contributes to what music is best for your business.
  • Try not to think about your personal music taste, it’s more about what music best impacts and compliments the working environment you are trying to create.

Licensed Playlists

All ADTEL Business music and messaging is professionally-produced and fully-licensed according to Canadian Copyright Law, keeping you and your business protected from heavy fines and legal issues.


We send highly-qualified, experienced professionals to ensure every piece of equipment operates at peak performance long after the install. You’ll also have the technology you need to seamlessly deliver your music and messaging.

Industry Experience

When choosing a program for your business, it helps that we have extensive histories in all facets of the music industry––including business professionals, record labels, bands, singers, songwriters and musicians. Tap into our rich knowledge to get the most from your programming.

Business Music Works.


75% of hotel guests like to hear music & will spend more.

75% of hotel guests like to hear music in the lobbies, bars, restaurants & public spaces. Regular hotel guests are more likely to consume more food & drinks when they hear music they like in a hotel. – VisionCritical


80% Believe music makes wait times go faster.

80% of those who enjoy hearing music in waiting rooms think this makes the time go faster. – VisionCritical


87% Agree that playing music improves productivity & morale.

87% of office & factory business owners/managers say playing of music in the workplace improves productivity & morale. – VisionCritical


90% Agree music can be beneficial to their business.

90% of salon owners & hairdressers agree that playing the right music can be beneficial to their business. – VisionCritical.

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